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I'm Hailey Gene Mirkes - that's Mer-kiss, 2 syllables. Back in the day, people knew me as Hailey Jean Peerenboom - that's Pair-en-boom, dutch for pear tree! - until my best friend, Paul, and I decided that forever would be pretty cool. Why the middle name shift? I changed the spelling to honor my late grandfather, Eugene. I never got a chance to meet him, but I love being able to carry on his legacy.

Kimberly, WI is where I call home, but at 18 I jumped the nest and Paul and I made our lives all over south east Wisconsin - the east side of Mke, the Fifth Ward, Franklin, Waukesha, and now Hartland! My parents and in-laws both have roots in the Fox Valley - an area full of charm that I love to visit - and my two older sisters settled in MN and on the west coast, a perk that I love to take advantage of!

By day I'm a part of the marketing team for an employee owned diamond retailer. This company gives me so many opportunities to learn, travel, volunteer, and grow. I'm fortunate to work with the best and brightest in the diamond industry!

In May, 2021 we finally had the opportunity to adopt a dog and are proud dog parents to our English Cream Retriever, Indie! I spend a lot of my time staring at her, snuggling her, and taking pictures and videos of her. No shame in my dog mom game. Some of my favorite ways to spend time are to take long drives with no destination in mind and to explore new places, big or small. I love to surround myself with nature, and good food - and I can't forget prosecco! I speak 2-1/4 languages: english, tv quotes, y un poco espanol (hence the 1/4).

I like to think I'm pretty funny and I do fairly interesting things in my free time. I have a passion for travel and new experiences and can't resist a great shopping deal. My creative side loves the challenge of taking a picture by myself, and my wifey side is so appreciative of my other half's creative eye and ability to deal with my diva attitude and OCD. All of these things have come together as this, my brain child.

All Hail!

It's a work in progress, but it's me, and if my journey adds a little inspiration to someone's life, I'm happy to have ignited the spark!

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