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12,000 Icicles Later

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Imagine 20 million pounds of ice. What does that look like to you? A glacier? An iceberg? A glittering ice castle?...If it didn't before, it should now! Ice Castles made their landing in six locations across the country this year and for the second time, I was able to return and take in all of their magic!

2 years ago, the Ice Castles arrived in Wisconsin Dells and we made the trek over to check out this phenomenon. Our experience was so enchanting that when I heard they were coming around again, but this time to one of my favorite cities, Lake Geneva, I knew I had to get tickets right away! If they weren't magical before, having them set up where Paul and I got married definitely sent sparks flying in my eyes.

Each set up is a little different, dependent on location, growing conditions, and weather. This particular ice castle was totally unique from our first experience. There was even a fire pit to warm your hands - a GREAT addition if you ask me! I was also a big fan of the ice thrones draped with fur throws. So extra, and I'm all about it. What better way to make someone feel like an ice queen than to set her on an ice throne in an ice castle?

My best advice to you if you plan on going (this is the last weekend, but hopefully they'll be back in the future!) is to buy your tickets presale so you can pick your attendance slot ahead of time. We chose the first time slot of the day, so there were significantly fewer people trying to file their way through - but that does mean that we weren't able to experience them at night with their cool lighting displays.

The good news is, Wisconsin is ripe with weather that is perfect for housing a 20 million pound ice castle, so they should be back to set up soon! I don't have a ton of perks about our winter, so let me have that one please. If you get the chance, I highly recommend taking a drive to my favorite little city and enjoying this excursion. Whether it's date night, girls day, or you're flying solo, the Ice Castles are without a doubt an experience you'll remember.


Outfit Deets:

Jacket - Target Clearance Wild Fable

Jeans - Target Universal Thread

Sweater - Amazon

Winter Boots - Amazon

Sunglasses - Prive Revaux Amazon

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