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90's Hairstyles to Bring Back Now

I’m a nineties baby, through and through, and I love how many of those 90’s trends are recirculating, lately! Crop tops and mom jeans, chokers, sheer tops, biker shorts – but, most importantly, the hair! I want to share a few updated versions of my favorite 90’s hair styles that are totally wearable today!


Ooh, bandanas. My 90’s hair kryptonite. I couldn’t resist! Any of my family members can vouch that I spent the entirety of my fourth grade year rockin’ a red bandana, no matter what kind of outfit I had on. I mostly blame Torrance Shipman, from Bring It On, and the boy at my elementary school dance that told me I looked “hot” in a bandana. Consider me influenced. Good news for nine year old Hail, bandanas are back with a vengeance – but with one small update. Don’t pull out two skinny pieces of hair! I’ve also graduated from my old red bandana to pretty vintage scarves (most of the time)…although I guess that 20 years later, my trusty bandana is considered vintage, too!


Growing up, my mom’s – and so many other’s – go-to style to give me was a whale spout. You know the look – that little pony tail on top of your head that spouts out in all directions. I distinctly remember the first time that I ever did my own hair, I gave myself a whale spout. I proudly displayed what I’m sure was a shit show to my mom, she taught me well. Flash forward to now, where I’m regularly wearing a more polished version, but with one important update. No skinny little pieces of hair pulled out in the front!


Alright, I’ll admit that this one is a little more 2000’s, but I’m willing to bet that some trendsetters were ahead of their time, and this look had its moment at the end of the last millennium. Flipping out your ends is such a simple addition to a girly or flirty look, or a fun way to add some contrast to an edgy look. Now I’m more partial to a blunt haircut instead of the layers I used to have added to give me that feathery look…but I can’t forget about the most important update. Say it with me…no skinny pieces of hair pulled out in the front!

There you have it! Three easy hairstyles for any outfit that are totally tailored to the twenties. You’ll be adding these quick looks to your go-to arsenal in no time. If you need me, I’ll be rocking out to Savage, does anyone know where I can get my hands on some toe socks and butterfly clips?

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