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On May 8, 2018 I launched my blog, Get it! Got it! Go!, hoping to inspire my readers in all areas of life. The first thing I learned was that, without a niche, it's very hard to stay organized and stay on track with your vision. I've learned what the community I've grown around me connects with. I've learned what I am and am not interested in posting about. All of this learning led me to see that there were some organizational changes that I wanted to make.

And then it came to me. All Hail.

It was everything I could hope for - all encompassing. Includes my name. Easy to remember. And the cherry on top, it's a pun. After that, the rest of the details just fell into place. I added more specific categories so it's easier to find the inspiration that you're looking for. I love the logo I came up with so much that I finally got myself some business cards. I was starting to feel official.

All I needed was the perfect photo. The website's crowning jewel, if you will. I knew that I wanted to incorporate a crown to match my logo, and that I wanted a totally luxe vibe to keep the theme going. I knew

Colleen Kubiak

would be the perfect gal for the job, and damn. Did she deliver!! I already knew that the 7th floor bathroom was grand, but the shots she took made it look fit for a queen.

There's truly not much changing as I make this shift. Besides the name and organization, I will still be delivering the content you've come to expect from me - puns and all! Your support up to this moment, and going forward, has been what inspires me throughout this process, and I'm so grateful for this community that blogging has helped me grow. As always, I welcome your content suggestions with open arms. What do you want to be inspired about?

All Hail

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