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All You Need Is A Light Jacket

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Fool's fall is over, second summer back - you have no idea what to wear, but I've got a hack! There is one staple that's essential for every wardrobe this year - a suede jacket! This versatile layering piece is sure to have your back through transition weather, fall and beyond!


A good suede jacket isn't front page fashion news. They've been completing outfits for centuries! As time went on, styles evolved and now we've found ourselves at the latest trend in jackets - longline! A cut that hits mid thigh is the perfect addition to any ensemble and gives the illusion that you're long and lean - whether you are or aren't! As someone who is 5'11", I really appreciate a trend that vibes with my body type. I got this beautiful chestnut number during the Forever 21 Labor Day sale and immediately thought it'd complement a rough around the edges, cool girl look. This Led Zeppelin tee, belt, and booties are also Forever 21 finds, while the glasses are Prive Reveaux and the shorts are Wild Fable (with the hem let out, ha!)


One of my favorite ways to snazz up a basic outfit is with a print, and a printed dress is no exception! In my opinion, a lot of prints can actually be a really punchy neutral! Some prints that mix brown, tan, and black - like geo, snake, or this leopard print longline moto jacket I got at Forever 21 - can be worn with nearly anything! My personal favorite is to pair it with something simple, like an all black look, but dont be afraid to mix and match! I like my prints wild, and I like my prints charming. I got this lbd at Plume Vintage, while the shoes, bag and belt are Forever 21 and the sunglasses are a Discovery score.


There's longline, and moto, and everything in between, but nothing makes you look long and lean like a cropped jacket. I love the waterfall lapel on this Forever 21 clearance jacket I got last year. The soft flow of the cut paired with the velvety suede gives any outfit a kiss of class. I like to wear this jacket in a professional setting, like at a work event, but you don't always have to keep it work appropriate. I chose to pair it with yet another sassy snake print, black details, and a bold red lip. The top, jeans, and bag are Target, and the shoes and jacket are Forever 21.

As the leaves turn and the temperatures fall, a suede jacket will get you through it all. There are so many styles to choose from and an infinite number of outfits you could coordinate, all while keeping you cozy and chic! How do you make the perfect fall outfit? Much like the perfect date, all you need is a light jacket!

Got it!

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