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An Ode to the Milwaukee Public Market

It's April 14th - 414 Day to Milwaukeeans - and it's days like today where my heart aches a little harder to enjoy what the city we love has to offer. Instead of lamenting about what we can't have now, I want to highlight something we can all look forward to enjoying in the (hopefully) near future. One of my favorite establishments, a city staple for sure, is the Milwaukee Public Market! With incredible vendors around every corner, this spot is totally worth a trip.

My first stop is usually Anodyne Coffee Roasters for a honey bee latte, a decadent blend of honey and vanilla. You may remember my 'Best Buzz in Mke' post - they made the list! You really can't beat fresh roasted coffee. Once I get my honey bee buzz going, I've got the fuel I need to tackle the rest of the market.

The best place to satisfy your sweet tooth is Kehr's Candy. Their wrap-around counter is one of the most enticing sights I've ever seen, each morsel more delectable than the last. Whether you're into fruity and sweet, or rich and chocolatey, they've got every tastebud covered. I'm a sucker for their truffles, just try resisting...

If you didn't indulge enough at the candy counter, you can head over to the area that I like to think of as the adult candy counter - Thief Wine Shop & Bar. You can buy bottles for your collection at home or wine by the glass if you just don't want to wait. I've done both! I love giving bottles from here as gifts because they have such a wide array of unique labels and varietals. Plus, if you grab a glass it'll make the rest of your market experience that much more enjoyable.

What goes better with wine, chocolate, and coffee than cheese? Nothing, I tell you, nothing - so it's incredibly convenient to have West Allis Cheese Shoppe right down the aisle! I love to buy the uneven chunks of havarti that they often have - especially if it's the dill or jalapeno havarti! Of course, you can't go wrong with a classic curd. Squeaky cheese curds are the ultimate Wisconsin treat. West Allis Cheese Shoppe has got them, and more, including your bloody mary and charcuterie fixin's!

One of my favorite local retailers is Brew City Brand, and they've got a spot inside the market. You may have seen another location of theirs inside the General Mitchell Airport. They have so many awesome products with the coolest graphics. I've gotten lots of gifts - for myself and others - over the years, including a "Fry Day" tee for my dad, the fish fry master, and my very favorite cozy sweatshirt (currently wearing) repping "The Good Land" emblem. I can't resist buying their brand!

The second floor offers a dining area to enjoy your purchases, or just take a breather from the bustle below. This is where you'll also find a kitchen used for events or classes. They offer hands on and demonstration cooking classes, or you can rent the space for an event, like a rehearsal dinner! Or you can just hang out and eat your falafel.

I could go on and on about every vendor - because there are plenty and they're all top notch - but I'll leave it at this. A lot of uncertainty hangs over us these days, but I'm confident we'll be able to indulge in the splendor of our city again soon and you'll have the opportunity to experience the Milwaukee Public Market yourselves once again. Until then, happy 414 day!

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