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Best Buzz in Mke

One thing that I love about the city of Milwaukee is its abundance of quality coffee shops. I love a good latte, and happen to be pretty particular. Coffee is always a priority when I travel to a new place, nothing stains a city to me like a lackluster latte! Luckily for me, the choices in Milwaukee are near infinite. I've decided to share my most frequented shops for the next time you're in town, or just need a quick pick-me-up if you're local!


Colectivo tops my list for a number of reasons - one of them being nostalgia. When I moved to Milwaukee in 2009, I really didn't drink things like coffee or wine (it's very hard for me to believe, too). Back when Colectivo was known as Alterra, I had my first quality iced coffee drink - a bullfrog, which is a mint mocha - and a new Hail was born. A lot has changed since then, but their great service is consistent! Most locations have a fire perpetually lit all year, serving a cozy atmosphere and coffee that is so effective, I swear it's laced with something. My favorite drink here was their seasonal Pie Spice Cappuccino, but I also opt for a lavender latte or an espresso shake from time to time. *Chef's kiss* You'll find locations in nearly every Milwaukee neighborhood, plus locations in Madison and Chicago.


Stone Creek is probably the shop that I currently frequent the most. Living in Hartland, pickin's are slim for a cup that's up to snuff, so I was thrilled to find their Delafield and Oconomowoc locations! I had been aware of their downtown facilities, but these are far more convenient for my lake country living. I've gotten to know the staff so well that they notice my haircuts and often have my order typed in, ready to go. Of course I'll be a regular for service like that! I'm a sucker for their Cardamom latte with housemade syrup - all day, every day!


If you know me, you know I love a good rooftop patio. So when these two worlds collide, you know I'll be there. The day that I heard that Fiddleheads opened up a Menomonee Falls location with a rooftop patio was a really, really good day for me. Their shops are all located north of Milwaukee, the southernmost being Bayshore, but if you find yourself in the area they're totally worth a stop! You'll find me sipping one of their seasonal lattes on the rooftop all Summer long.


Not only does Anodyne roast quality coffee, but their facilities are so appealing that their Walker's Point location is a coveted Milwaukee wedding venue! I particularly love grabbing a honeybee latte - honey and vanilla, yum! - from their location in the Milwaukee Public Market for a pick-me-up while I shop. Any shop of theirs that you choose, you won't be disappointed!


Canary Coffee is a newer addition to Milwaukee in Westown, and what a welcome addition it is! Inside the historic Hotel Wisconsin, you'll find a quaint cafe with an airy aesthetic serving coffee from multiple roasters - you can even get a coffee flight if you can't decide! I love their coffee drinks and presentation, they provide that pinkies out vibe that I'm always down for. For instance, an espresso Cosmo! Now that's a boujee buzz!


No, not the Star Wars setting...right here on Water Street! This cafe offers a straightforward, no fuss menu, which is great because they deliver the classics with quality and care! I always opt for the lavender latte and take advantage of their housemade syrup. You can't go wrong! Plus, the wood designs inside give that warm, cozy vibe that complements a cup of coffee oh, so well.


Valentine on Vliet Street is a cafe where you can go to get your buzz handmade in Milwaukee! They also have shops in Oak Creek and inside General Mitchell - so you know an iced mocha is my go-to travel buddy! The Vliet St. location offers a tasting room and delivers very Italian vibes with their walk up espresso bar and a nice selection of wine and beer for whatever buzz you're looking for. This no frills menu ensures you'll have a carefully crafted cup every time.

Now that you've got all of that down, you just need to decide who will supply your next pick-me-up! That's why I love you, Milwaukee. The opportunities are endless!

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