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Charlotte Stay at Le Meridien

Our last flight before the pandemic took us to the Queen City, so it makes sense that the first flight we've boarded since flew us back to Charlotte...right? This trip was to celebrate my mother-in-law's nuptials, so to escape a bit of the wedding buzz and catch some vacation vibes, we chose to stay in the city at Le Meridien.

I booked this hotel for two reasons - the aesthetic and the rooftop - and boy, did they deliver on both fronts. Regretfully, the evening we'd hoped to take advantage of the Red Salt restaurant wound up being too busy to accommodate us, but the Cloud Bar on the 18th floor provided plenty for us to take in that night instead. The hotel is located just outside the city so you're able to take in the entire skyline while you're enjoying your cocktail and light bites! You can even take your food and drink to go if you'd prefer to hang out in your room or other parts of the hotel. Luckily, we scored a room with a view and were able to sleep and wake to the city lights. Such a treat!

Other than our evening at Cloud Bar, we had a few meals to enjoy on our short trip and you can bet that my first stop was at Snooze! I heard Charlotte is getting a third location...can Wisconsin get some love here? This restaurant has something for everybody, but I'll always order the Bella Bella Benny and a single of the special pancake. It honestly might be a contender for what I'd choose for my last meal. So delicious.

We made a stop at Not Just Coffee for a quick bite the morning of the wedding, and I was really impressed by the quality of the ingredients in our order. I enjoyed a latte with honey an their yogurt parfait, which was super delicious and just what we needed to start the day. When I go back in the future I'll have to try the Belgian waffle. I'm not typically a waffle person but theirs sounds too good to miss out on. We stopped at the Jay St location because I'm a sucker for a mural and it was on our way to the wedding, but there are multiple locations throughout the city that you can visit.

My favorite breakfast location had to be the third floor of Restoration Hardware, RH Rooftop Restaurant. This was definitely a swankier spot, but such a cool experience. Not only was the restaurant breathtaking, but we both really enjoyed taking in the decor on the floors below. The service was impeccable and our meal was diving. It absolutely was an experience we won't forget.

Our stay may have been brief and shadowed by a tailbone injury - check that your shower seats are secure, folks (but that's a story for another day) - but I think we managed to make the most of our quick city stint. If you are ever in the Charlotte area, I'd highly recommend trying these places out!

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