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Dem Jeans

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

"Prada, Gucci, tell me what you like"

Target. I like Target.

This post is dedicated to my favorite pairs of jeans and you're not going to find them at a designer store with a three digit price tag. I'm all about that Target life.

You guys, I love these jeans so much I bought them in 3 different colors. I've since forgotten about any other jeans I own, and I have nightmares about the day when these are no longer available and I need a replacement pair. They may not be in stores at Target anymore, but I have seen them on Amazon!

I should note, I'm 5'11 and 70% legs. Buying jeans is simply a painful experience. I was so happy when ankle jeans became trendy, because that's basically what I had to default to whether it was cool or not. There were always specialty inseams, but those come with specialty prices. The jeans I found are perfect for me, but they may not be the best fit for everyone.

So about a year ago these legs walk into Target, and up against the wall, there they were. $27.99 High Rise Mossimo skinny jeans and jeggings. After a couple tries, I nailed down my favorites -  Light and dark wash jeans, and black jeggings - oddly enough I was more comfortable in a size down from what I normally wear, so maybe that lead to such a positive review.

I've been wearing these for over a year now and I'm still very much in love with this style. I almost always regret it when I wear them to a restaurant, but I could just say they're keeping me from eating the whole plate - bonus! It was slightly devastating when Target stopped carrying them, but I found hope once again when I saw them on Amazon! 

These jeans get the Hailey Stamp of Approval, and I'm pretty sure they'd get one from Chingy, too.

"I bet you had to jump up and down just to put 'em on

Bet you had to wiggle it around just to pull 'em on 

Bet you had to lay back on the bed just to zip 'em up

Am I right? You right."

Baby, that's wassup.  

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