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Denver for the Day!

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

I’ve got this new, incredibly high maintenance demand that I can’t spend my birthday in Wisconsin. Last year, I went from Boulder, CO with another couple, to LA to meet my sister at Harry Potter World when she returned from the Peace Corps, and then to Eugene, OR for a full family reunion – something that’s so rare now that we’re spread across the country and doing our best to adult.

This year, because I’m OBSESSED, my bestie and I took our husbands back to my happy place – Colorado. We made our way all over the state, but started the trip off with a day in Denver and met up with some family! To sweeten the deal even more, it was Cinco de Mayo AND Derby Day, and though I’m neither latin or from Kentucky, I’m from Wisconsin and I love to celebrate libation based “holidays”. On vacation day one, we hit the trifecta.

I’ve traveled to Denver for work and pleasure before, so the first stop I wanted to make was Otra Vez Cantina, right in the middle of the 16th St Mall. Every time I come here, the service is exceptional – I love it when the staff is real with you and can take a joke, then fire one right back. On top of it, they have margaritas the size of your face. How can you go wrong?! Answer, you can’t.

Naturally, we had to get festive and the first outfit change was required. I love my ‘Fiesta like there’s no manana’ tee from Old Navy, but my favorite was my husband, Paul’s. ‘DTF, down to fiesta’ – come on Amazon. Get outta here with that!

Next on the list was a new experience for me – Larimer St! – and you guessed it, another outfit change. I had to compete with these murals! The street art is around every turn and the creativity flows EVERYWHERE, down to the food trucks! I was wildly entertained by trucks adorned with “Legs and Breasts Fried Chicken” and “Eat My Taco”. Ahhh, haha, good stuff.

We wrapped up our Denver Day Date at Lustre Pearl – an open air bar with funky flair. With the garage doors open and the breeze coming in, it was the cherry on top of a fun filled Saturday. I sipped on the Lustre Lemonade, a moonshine cocktail that goes down WAY too easily. Damn, was that refreshing. I can’t get over the décor there, from the Led Zeppelin lyrics on the staircase to the chaise lounge below the words “someone has been a very very very naughty girl…” It’s a ‘grammer’s dream and I enjoyed the crap out of it.

Our next stop was a mountain home overlooking all of Crested Butte – stay tuned for more on that!

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