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Don't Stop - Get It, Get It!

"Don't stop - get it, get it!" - One of my favorite lyrics and/or motivational quotes...whichever way you choose to look at it.. Either way, it says a lot, and I say it a lot (and by "say" I mean rap with a little dance move).

I think it really encompasses what I'm hoping the Get It! portion of this blog will provide for you all. Personally, I have ZERO intrinsic motivation. There's not much fuel that feeds my inner fire, if you know what I mean. As a Taurus, when I work, I work hard and when I relax, I relax hard. Basically, it takes a lot to get me to do things for myself. Exercise, for instance. You mean, chip to dip to mouth doesn't count as one rep?! ...I digress.

Yoga is the one exercise I practice in my life "regularly". Regularly for me is still pretty irregular, but it's been a part of my life for years now and even shows up as a career in my daydreams. I took a semester of Iyengar yoga while attending UW-Milwaukee. There, I learned all of the sanskrit terms and their meanings. I can't say I've committed them all to memory, but a few of them stuck! Nowadays, I typically use the english names of poses, but I do like to reference my old textbook from time to time.

Fast forward a few years to my first aerial yoga experience. I fell in love instantly! Although schedule conflicts and adulting (and a bunch of other excuses) prevent me from practicing regularly, I do hope to attend the teacher training course in the near future. These days, I like to take advantage of theme practices like yoga with cats, rooftop yoga, and Bend and Brew Pints and Pottheads (Harry Potter themed yoga at a brewery!). The classes in Milwaukee and Madison really get creative!

Now I practice in my free time in an effort to reduce the number of grunts, groans, creaks, and pops every time I get off the couch. I'm 27, not 98. No structure or plans, just whatever my body is feeling. I'm hoping that learning and growing my yoga practice will translate into healthier habits all around.

My mother is a massage therapist and she specializes in reiki (energy work), so I'm incredibly lucky to benefit from her wisdom and experience. She's opened me to a world of energies and vibrations - I have so much to learn, but crystals and other elements and their healing properties are just fascinating to me. I'm a huge crystal nerd, give me all the vibesss!

I've been lucky enough to partner with my mom and other wellness vendors to show off my henna skills, too! This year we hosted our first Vibes Market, and I had the opportunity to adorn customers in henna designs! I've sold gift certificates for my services in the past, so if you're in the area and want a hand full of henna (or other body parts, I'm flexible), I'm your girl!

I've rambled for a while, so I'll wrap this up. I'm not motivated, but I'm working on it - starting with all of this. I'm learning and growing, and I'm not going to stop.

Welcome to Get It!

"Don't stop - get it, get it!"

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