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Harvest Happenings

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

The second the calendar page flips to October, my mindset completely shifts. Gone are the days spent driving with the windows down, the late nights lit up by fireflies...instead I surround myself with cider and chenille, start sipping full bodied reds, and immerse myself in anything autumnal. Luckily, when it comes to celebrating all things fall, I'm not alone! I joined a group of Milwaukee creatives to put together a fall styled shoot to make all of your autumn dreams come true!

Relics Vintage Rentals provided every decor detail for our shoot. Under the creative advisement of our set stylist, Lauren Henesy, we decided that the homey feel of a classic red barn would be the perfect backdrop to complement the rich textures and intricate gilded details of the pieces provided by Relics. Collaborating with other talented women is what makes shoots like these so special. One of my favorite additions was the cheese board Karri Tait made - it looks like it belongs on the cover of Good Housekeeping! These women have the eye, and I'm blown away by their talents every time!

I think it's safe to say that everyone's favorite part of fall is the color coming through in the foliage, so naturally we chose warm, rich harvest tones to dress in. Orange is pretty harsh with my coloring and I typically try to avoid it, but this chenille shawl cardigan is perfection! The vibrant color, the luxurious feel, you'd never know I got it on clearance at Forever 21! Since the sweater speaks for itself, I chose some simple black pieces to let it stand out. The high waisted trousers are Alloy clearance, and I snagged this sleek Wild Fable tank off of the Target sale rack. To top it all off, I went with some bold burgundy tassel earrings from Discovery Clothing and a vampy bordeaux lip!

Events of this nature always leave me with an endearing sense of support. I learn from these ladies, benefit from their direction and cheerleading, and am simply inspired every time. Whther we've wroked together in the past or are coming together for the first time, our efforts always combine and create freakin' magic. These moments were captured by the patient and talented Brian Mattinson (Brian Mattinson Photography). His work never ceases to take my breath away!

Those calendar pages seem to be flipping at lightning speed lately. I'm happy to have harvest happenings like this to hang onto through the coming cold season! Cheers to all things fall!

Got it!

Photography Credit:

Brian Mattinson Photography

Set Decor:

Relics Vintage Rentals


Lauren Henesy - Creative Director

Mei Mattinson

Shauna Hyler

Karri Tait

Jodi-Kay Edwards

Outfit Deets:

Sweater - Forever 21 Online Clearance

Tank and Heels - Target

Pants - Alloy Clearance

Earrings - Discovery Clothing

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