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It's In The Cards

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

The ability to see the future has been glamorized across the ages. What people don't see is that you are in charge of you. The moment you realize how much power you truly have, you can tap into your intuition and inner source of wisdom with the aide of a few tools and an ease that would surprise you. What sort of tools, do you ask? A deck of tarot cards! But like all tools, it is totally up to you how you use it. Understanding how to use this method of self discovery absolutely intrigued me, so I wanted to take a shallow dive into the basics of tarot cards. Here's what I found!

A tarot deck holds 78 cards, each with their own image, story, and symbolism. The deck is separated by 22 Major cards, which represent life's karmic and spiritual lessons, and 56 Minor cards. Those reflect the trials and tribulations that you and I face on a daily basis. Within those Minor cards, there are 16 cards representing the personality traits, known as the Court cards. The other 40 are organized into 4 suits, 10 cards each, and these cards represent various situations we encounter from day to day. (Still with me?!)

Every spiritual situation we'll encounter is represented in those 78 cards. When you consult a deck of tarot cards, they'll show you the lessons you need to encounter to learn and master to live an inspired life. The tarot allows us to tap into the wisdom and the answers that lie within us.

You can consult the tarot deck for any number of reasons. Meditating, self development, planning a business, manifesting goals, coaching others, making choices - but the thing to keep in mind is that you aren't a fortune teller. You're using your intuition. Instead of waiting for life to happen to you, card readings inspire you to set a clear vision of what it is that you want to attract. Consulting the deck empowers you to take action and potentially achieve those things. You are in charge of you.

And you may unconsciously know the insight you receive! Perhaps the deck is just confirming what you already know. Perhaps you were totally unaware until you've seen your reading and now you're inspired to take action. That's why it's important to have a few different layouts in your arsenal. I've included three basic card spreads to help you start your practice!

Five Card Spreads

Card 1: Situation

Card 2: Challenge

Card 3: Guidance

Card 4: Focus

Card 5: Outcome


Card 1: Present

Card 2: Past

Card 3: Future

Card 4: Reason

Card 5: Potential

"I Need Advice"

Card 1: You as you are

Card 2: Are you on the correct path

Card 3: What is the main obstacle

Card 4: What is helping me

Card 5: How can progress be made

Basic Celtic Spread

Card 1: Heart of the matter

Card 2: That which crosses it for better or worse

Card 3: Above you, the top of the mind

Card 4: Below you, that which carries you through

Card 5: Recent past

Card 6: Near future

Card 7: You in yourself, your attitude towards yourself

Card 8: Your environment, friends and family attitude

Card 9: Your hopes and fears

Card 10: The outcome

I hope that these basics are just what you needed to lead you down the path to self discovery. Who doesn't need another tool in their arsenal? There is so much more to learn about this unique spiritual aide, these few introductory facts are just the tip of the iceberg. Who knows what sort of knowledge I'll hold in the future? Probably me.

Get it!

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