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JORD Giveaway

>>Enter to win!<<

Everybody needs a timeless accessory. My go-to is a classic wood grain timepiece - the Cassia from JORD Watches (pronounced "YODE"), the zebra wood and ivory, to be specific! After working at a watch store, I've had an affinity for watches and have hoped to add a wood grain watch to my collection for quite some time.

JORD has so many beautiful options to choose from - including a style made from coffee beans! I love the Cassia for its large face and its simple design. The zebra wood grain pattern is subtle and this natural neutral goes with just about everything!

JORD's inventory isn't limited to watches. They also carry a line of handbags, sunglasses, and smart watch bands. All of their pieces incorporate natural and reclaimed materials in their designs without sacrificing quality, and that's a method that I can get behind.

Now that I have you hooked, click this link to enter to win $100 towards your own JORD watch! Entering is easy, and even if you don't win, you'll still receive a code for 10% off of your order. What is there to lose?

>>Enter to win!<<

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