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Kickoff Concert - Alice & Vance

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Last night I kicked off my Summer Concert Series at The Rave in Milwaukee! To top it off, Paul and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend, and being serenaded by Vance Joy was the perfect way to do it! Unfortunately, both of us have come down with body aches and sore throats, but we dosed up on cold meds and parked it in a balcony spot for a great view!

This was my first time attending a show at The Rave in the summer, so I felt like I was seeing it in a whole new light - literally! The sun was out and shining through the windows for a good chunk of time so I finally got a chance to see the gorgeous details of the ballroom and truly appreciate them.

Alice Merton opened and I was so excited to hear her live! She did NOT disappoint - I was so surprised when she came out because she is just a tiny thing! But damn, does her voice deliver. "Lash Out" is one of my favorite songs to jam to, but her whole set had me going! It was a little torturous because I love to sing and my cold wouldn't let me croon along, but that just meant I really got to listen to her the whole time.

And then there was Vance. First of all, those curls. Even from up in a balcony, I was swooning! His music is just so sweet and melodic - it set the perfect tone for an anniversary celebration. Hearing one of your favorite songs live is such a cool experience - it adds so much more emotion and sears that memory into your brain forever. If "Fire and the Flood" didn't make me think of my love before, it certainly does now!

I'm so grateful for the chance to see such talented artists in person - I was already such a big fan of them both and now when I jam along to their tunes it's going to mean so much more!

"Everything is fine when you're head's resting next to mine"

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