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Lunar Lesson

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

My last Get it! post was about Surya Namaskar - the Sun Salutation - so naturally, this one focuses on the opposite and you're getting a Lunar Lesson! This calming, quieting flow is known as the Moon Salutation, or Chandra Namaskar. There are several variations of it, this just happens to be one.

Have you ever had one of those frazzled, depleting, energy suck days? I'm an over-thinker, so I have days like that regularly and this flow is a great way to balance your energy when you're feeling over stimulated.

You're recommended to practice this in the late afternoon or evening, particularly beneath the moon if you're able to get yourself outside, and it's a great way to prepare yourself for sleep. Practicing this flow with slow and intentional movements will really bring out the benefits of each pose. Flow through these movements once on each side, and if you so desire, meditate before and after.

Begin in Tadasana, strong and sturdy Mountain Pose. Take a deep -INHALE- as you raise your hands up and over your head, lift your chest, and press your pubic bone forward for Raised Arms Pose. Hasta Uttanasana expands your chest and rib cage and allows your lungs to fill to capacity, so inhale the good shit.

As you -EXHALE- the bull shit, slowly bend down from the hips into Uttanasana, or Forward Fold. Do your best to keep a flat back - despite my photo, it is a vast improvement from the typical hunch I've acquired - and place your palms beside your feet if you can.

Step back with one foot coming into your Lunge, Anjaneyasana. On your -INHALE- bring your arms above your head. Feel the pose, do you need adjustments? I almost always have to bring my front foot forward a little more to get that knee/ankle alignment. This might be my favorite pose in this flow, I love the way the inhale feels!

On your -EXHALE- bring your other foot back to step back into Downward Dog. Press off of your finger tips to push those hips back and get the full benefits of Adho Mukha Shvasana. It calms your brain and can reduce stress and mild depression, while stretching your shoulders, calves, hamstrings, arches, and hands! I can multitask, but not quite like that.

Drop down into the Eight Limbed Salutation, Ashtanga Namaskara. Bring your chin, chest, and knees down to meet the ground with your hands and feet. These eight points of contact strengthen your hands, legs, and chest and prep you perfectly for the next post. Hold your breath as you prepare.

When you -INHALE- lift your head and chest into Bhujangasana. Cobra Pose opens the heart and lungs and tightens your booty, so I see nothing wrong here. This is a great pose to prep for backbends, if that's an area you're looking to develop.

Lift your hips and -EXHALE- back into Downward Dog. Really open those shoulders and relax your neck. Poses feel completely different when you can finally let go of the tension and relax into them.

-INHALE- stepping one foot forward into Anjaneyasana and sweep your arms forward and above your head. Enjoy that deep breath in before stepping your back foot forward and meeting your palms on the ground and -EXHALE- into your Forward Fold.

Wiggle your legs a little and loosen up those hamstrings. On your -INHALE- sweep your arms up and over your head to bring us back into Hasta Uttanasana. This is another great pose to practice your backbends with, but it's also very important to keep your balance in mind as you push yourself - there have GOT to be some good yogi-njury stories about that one.

On your final -EXHALE- bring your hands back down to heart center for Tadasana. Once you've reflected on your Moon Salutation, repeat the flow on your opposite side. Remember, slow intentional movements to bring out this sequence's full potential.


My soul honors your soul.

I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.

I honor the light, love, truth, beauty, and peace within you,

because it is also within me.

In sharing these things, we are united, we are the same,

we are one.

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Riva Treasure (What Riva Wore)

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