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Minds and Balloons Blown

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Seymour, WI. Home of the hamburger.

Naturally, this was my destination. After an event on Friday night, my husband, my best friend and I drove 100 miles home at midnight - I never thought I'd be having another sleepover in my childhood home! 4:45a quickly arrived, and in the dark we made our way to Rock Ledge Park to celebrate my mother's birthday by watching dozens of hot air balloons ascend.

I've seen so many 'Grammers taking in similar views in exotic, far away places like Istanbul, and witnessing an ascension became a fixture on my bucket list. Imagine my delight when Seymour's 18th Annual Hot Air Balloon Rally came across my FB events (or my horror at the fact that my phone is always listening...only sort of kidding..)! Seymour is no Turkey, but it is home of the hamburger, so I'll take what I can get.

We arrived shortly before 6am and to my delight, the crowd was sparse, giving us a perfect view to lay out a blanket and catch the sun rise as the set up began. I'm an anxious and realistic gal, so the idea of riding in a hot air balloon has always given me nerves, rather than yearns. Those baskets are so small, and don't even get me started on how thin that balloon material is! Heebie. Jeebies. I'm far more interested and entertained by the idea process! Unfurling the balloons, igniting the blowers, take off, and teamwork. Each balloon and group were so unique - there were balloons shaped like a duck, covered in paisley, and striped in bright neon. Hell, there was a guy who opted for a seat instead of a basket! Much like those balloons, my mind was blown.

The balloons took off above our heads and over the fields along the rising sun. Uplifting would be the perfect way to describe it. Sharing this sleepy eyed moment in Seymour with people I love gave Istanbul a run for it's money. I'm so glad we put in the effort to make the 6am ascension because according to the locals, the empty park we were sitting in was packed shoulder to shoulder with people for the 6pm event. As much as I would've loved to see the evening balloon glow they had scheduled, this peaceful ascension experience was perfectly intimate and enjoyable for me.

I find myself incredibly lucky to have family and friends that are willing to go to such lengths to join me on an experience like this. I may not get to travel as far and often as I'd like, but it's pretty cool to know Wisconsin's got plenty to keep my bucket list fulfilled. Thanks, Seymour.


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