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My MFW Moment

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

On September 14, 2018, I checked a major item off of my bucket list - walk the runway. It's something I've been fantasizing about for as long as I can remember, but one of those far-off, push it to the back burner fantasies you don't put much effort into because I didn't know Tyra, or anyone in the business really. But fate fell into my lap in the form of a MoonBabe! Sydney Champeau debuted her line of upcycled designs at MFW this year and I was so honored to rock her work on the runway!

This line is incredibly eclectic and so far beyond the realms of possibility and creativity in my mind. Sydney's collection included gowns and separates created out of pieces that lead totally different past lives - curtains, table cloths, string lights, seashells and more - all coming together into ethereal designs, giving off a wild space prairie vibe.

My look in particular made me feel like the raddest pirate wench on the vessel. First of all, the color. I'm such a fan of this dusty lavender hue, with the sheen of the fabric adding a shade of silver to the mix. The details in the design are what sent me over the edge. The full lace up corset style allowed me the flexibility I needed in sizing, and some fun tassels to swing around literally all day. Really, I couldn't stop.

The open back was another detail that I adored, but this look couldn't have been complete without the footwear! Check out those mega wedges! As if walking the runway wasn't daunting enough, these made me feel like I was walking on the edge - but walking TALL! The MoonBabes were sky high as we strutted! The sweet little socks were the perfect demure detail to tie it all together.

To top things off, AJ of Vamp Artistry gave us our out of this world hair and makeup looks. I think the moonbuns were everyone's favorite detail - each of our buns were adorned with details that complemented our look. Mine included these tiny little purple flowers that balanced my edgier outfit with a softer side that paired perfectly with the dusty lavender. And all. that. glitter. AJ had her hands full with models on models on models to transform into MoonBabes and she nailed it!

Since this year's show was sponsored by Kesslers Diamonds, it seems even more fitting that this is the event that I was meant to walk in. The stars aligned for me and made all of those hours of watching America's Next Top Model 100% worth it. It was an experience that I'll never forget, and I'm so grateful to Sydney for allowing me to opportunity to shine in her designs. I am so so proud to call myself a MoonBabe!

The MoonBabe Mothership has landed!


Photo Credits (In Order):

B+W Image - PassionFrootJpg

Group 1 - Dave Hathaway

Group 2 - Emily Warpinski

Group 3+4 - Cell phone photos

Runway Photo - Brian Mattinson

Final Photo - Cell phone photo

Look Details:

Design - Sydney Champeau

HMU - AJ Miller

Nails - Scratch of Sweden

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