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My Stay at Saint Kate

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Back in July, I had the privilege of attending the grand opening party of the new Saint Kate the Arts Hotel in downtown Milwaukee and was treated to an overnight stay! If you are into art of any medium, you've got to take the time to check it out - or check in!

The hotel is owned by Greg Marcus (I even got a chance to meet and express my admiration of the hotel to him!) and is a massive collection of unique exhibits to immerse yourself in. Your senses can explore creations around every corner - even in the guest rooms. Artists collaborated with the hotel on every detail, down to the lampshades.

The party itself was quite the affair. People came from all around to see the works and meet some of the artists behind the masterpieces. There were live musical performances around every corner. My personal favorite touch was the live fashion illustrations done by Ivy McConnell. The sketch of me that she commissioned as practice for the event is something I'll cherish forever! Having free rein of the hotel for the evening was a grand way to kick my senses into high gear and take in the creations of so many masterful minds.

After a bit of sensory overload, I couldn't wait to head back and enjoy our room. It wouldn't be a perfect night without pizza, and boy does this hotel deliver. The Proof is in the pizza! Proof Pizza is the joint that's a part of the hotel serving up Neapolitan style pies - my personal favorite! Chewy crust, melty, creamy cheese dollops...can you hear angels singing, too? Pizza in a big cozy bed is the key to my heart, people. I was in heaven.

These rooms are sure to stir your creative vibes. They come equipped with a drawing table and utensils, city views, and even a ukulele! Of course I had to pick it up and strum along to the provided guide - just call me uku-Hailey! It was so nice to wake up with the city in some of the coolest accommodations I've had the privilege of enjoying. Knowing that a heaping helping of corned beef hash from Cafe Aria was just moments away was more than enough to make my morning. There's nothing like a fabulous breakfast to make you feel like a G.D. queen.

Perhaps my favorite part of the hotel is the champagne bar, Giggly. When the doors first opened in June, my girls, Lauren and Riva, and I knew we had to get in and get a taste! We were treated to a whole slew of menu goodies - including my first taste of caviar and creme freche! To die for. Just when I didn't think that things could get any better, they showed us the speakeasy-style hidden back room. The decor was rich, luxe, and suggestive - just the way I like it. After entering through a bookcase and parting the velvet curtains, you're transported to a completely different, seductive, and luxurious era.

I feel like I've only experienced the tip of the iceberg of all that Saint Kate has to offer, and I've already gotten to do so much! The creation that is this Arts Hotel is an absolute gem of an addition to downtown Milwaukee. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to enjoy the accommodations. I'd definitely recommend checking out any of the aspects of this fabulous establishment next time you're in the area!


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