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Oasis, Indeed.

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

It's been almost a month since I tried my first IV infusion experience and I've already got the next one I want picked out...I was treated to an evening with debutantes and drips at Health Hydration Oasis and I'll be honest, I had no idea what I was heading into. I was pleasantly suprised!

Shauna Hyler organized the most unique event I've ever attended! H2O is Milwaukee’s first and only custom IV therapy clinic, and it's owned and led by Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Dr. Alia Fox. Every detail was to die for, and a lot of it was thanks the facility itself. Each inch was carefully curated by Alia, and being a guest in her health and wellness center was such a treat!

I was greeted by a red carpet and a model moment - first things first the pap' (Christopher Hyler Photography) captured my entrance and made me feel like a star. I was greeted by some familiar faces, and some new, so I was glad there were so many people to try this new experience with me! When I stepped inside, I was taken aback by how homey yet luxurious the facility was! I can't say I've ever been to a clinic with a black velvet chair - no, throne! - in the foyer. From delicate tea candles, to an impressive modern chandelier - to gilded (faux) animal heads mounted sporadically throughout offices and halls alike. I knew I'd stepped into something spectacular, and right up my alley!

After lots of catching up (and a little bit of bubbly, of course) we took a seat in our recliners and got the down low from Dr. Fox and her team. Each IV "cocktail" is hand crafted by a nurse or nurse practitioner, so you know that what you're getting is made for you, not the pre-mixed masses. The idea of getting things put into my bloodstream directly makes me a little uneasy, so I was happy to learn that! Since I had a long drive ahead of me and an early wake up call, I opted for the B12 treatment to give me that healthy energy buzz. There are four more that I've got my eye on, so I'd better get crackin'!

After lots of snacks and treats that were so generously provided for us (I mean, you've gotta build a good base right? Right??) my IV was seamlessly inserted and I was ready to rock! It was so much better than having an inexperienced nurse wiggling the needle around trying to find the vein...I've had that before during blood draws, but this was top notch work. Once I had needle in, I headed over to the recliners to kick back and enjoy my cocktail. I got hooked up with some eucalyptus infused oxygen, too! I was ready to be invigorated. I could feel a little coolness as it started flowing through my veins, but other than that, we sat around debating Backstreet Boys vs N*Sync, daydreamed about starring in the Lady Marmalade video, and had some quality girl time - and that was it!

I didn't feel like I was at a hospital or in a clinic and had to speak in hushed tones. Hell, Lauren (Henesy House) was droppin' it down and showing us her best moves - you won't see that in a hospital. This place was like sitting in someone's living room while we were being our best selves. The talent at H2O did great work creating an environment that brings you comfort and care at the same time.

As far as the healthy energy buzz I was looking for - boy, did I get it. To be fair, I'm not the best when it comes to getting all of the nutrients my body needs and deserves, and I desperately need to work on my water intake, so what I felt may be a little more exaggerated than most - but I felt amazing. We had a 100 mile trek home after the event that night with a 4:45a wake up call, something that might have actually killed me sans drip, but I was chatty, energetic, and alert all day - and even a day or two after I could feel a difference. It was a good reminder to myself, because I kept thinking, "I could feel like this all the time" if I could get my adulting act together. It's nice to know I have H2O for the days in between...

Get it!


Christopher Hyler Photography

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