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Oh, The Places I'll Go

One thing about me? I like to say "yes!" I am always down for new things and creating new experiences. I've never been the girl who's content with bar hopping for a night out. I'd much rather scour Facebook for a festival or a business hosting an event. I've attended so many off-kilter functions - some amazing, some I should've I lowered my expectations for... Go! is where I'll highlight my adventures - big or small. Whether I go for a drive and find a flower field, or am fortunate enough to jet set to some lovely destination, you can find it here!

I've been lucky to see a lot of America, particularly in the last few years. With sisters on the West Coast and leaving my heart in Colorado, my wanderlust grows stronger with each day.

• California (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Arcata) • Oregon (Eugene, Crater Lake) • Nevada (Las Vegas, Death Valley) • Arizona (Sedona, Grand Canyon) • Colorado (Boulder, Denver, Pike's Peak, Peak to Peak Highway) • Omaha, Nebraska • Atlanta, Georgia • Chicago, Illinois • Orlando, Florida • St. Croix, US Virgin Islands • Alaska (Seward, Nikiski, Chena) • Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, Kentucky, and Tennessee in passing • And of course, my home state of Wisconsin!

This list seems a little much, but this big, beautiful world of ours is just that. BIG. I've only just gotten started.

Traveling is a luxury I don't get to indulge in as much as I wish I could, so I've got to keep myself occupied locally in between trips! The more random the event, the more enthusiastically I'll say yes! Unique charity benefits and fashion shows, camping, "journey" drives, anything with a roof top, trivia nights, anything Harry Potter themed, themed yoga classes, anything on a boat, anything ending in "fest" - you get the idea. I like to keep my friends and family on their toes when we hang out!

One of my favorites ways to spend my time is by attending concerts! I grew up singing CONSTANTLY! I can play a few instruments (sort of) and performed in so many musicals and plays, and am still a sucker for karaoke - even if it's only in my car. My music tastes span all of the genres and I've been able to rock out to some of my all time favorite performers! This year alone, I've already been to four concerts and have four more lined up!

• Goldfish • Walk the Moon (twice) • K. flay/Sir Sly • Nightmares on Wax • Pitbull/Enrique Iglesias • Foster the People • AJR • Jack Johnson • Muse/X Ambassadors • Everclear • Bastille • Awolnation • Fun. • Kid Cudi • Maroon 5 • Fitz and the Tantrums • Olly Murs • Ryan Cabrera (twice) • Brooke Hogan •

I had to throw the last three on there because it still makes me chuckle. I don't limit myself to just bands, either. I'm a sucker for any celebrity or show!

• Chelsea Handler • Amy Schumer • Daniel Tosh • Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally • Trans Siberian Orchestra • Phantom of the Opera • The Lion King • Die Fledermaus •

"Ok, ok! Enough of the lists!" I hear ya loud and clear. I just really want to emphasize that I am down for anything and everything! My lists may seem excessive, but this is only the beginning. I've just started exploring and I'm hoping that my future is full of opportunities that'll take me even farther away!

Welcome to Go!

"Oh, the places I'll go!"

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