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Our City Yoga

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Some days, I'm simply not motivated and I just dont have it in me to gear up and head to a yoga class. You've been there - teachers that fly through the movements and make you feel like you aren't qualified, cliquey classes that have too much side talk about their personal lives...I'd had about enough. Then I attended an event through Milwaukee Yoga Events and its changed my public practice forever!

Our City Yoga has the initiative to take yoga where community gathers, and we are lucky enough to have that opportunity right here in Milwaukee! I attended my first Yoga + Beer event at the Historic Miller Caves - a staple here in our city! Having the opportunity to check out a slice of the city, submerge myself in my practice, and indulge in a few brews with a great group of people afterwards was the recharge my practice needed!

Now, I'm a proud member of the mug club - a yoga subscription that gets me plenty of poses and perks all month long! The plan has three options - 4 events a month for $65, 8 events a month for $125, or an unlimited membership for $150 - and their schedule is chocked full of interesting events to attend and keep your practice fresh and interesting. On top of your classes, a mug club membership will get you your own stein and an additional pour at the Yoga + Beer events, 10% off the Milwaukee Yoga Events merch any additional events you attend outside of your membership, and you'll avoid any fees that Eventbrite tacks on when booking! Even better, when you sign up for unlimited, you'll be able to bring a guest to an event each month - it's always fun to bend with a buddy!

I can't wait for all of the great yoga events in my future - check out some of their upcoming events below, I hope to see you there! #downdoganddrinkup #jointheyogaparty

Oct. 11 - Yoga + Beer at Urban Harvest

Oct. 12 - Yoga + Beer at Dead Bird Brewing

Oct. 13 - Yoga + Beer at Enlightened Brewing

$5 Yoga at Company Brewing

Oct. 14 - $5 Yoga at 53212 Presents

Yoga + Beer at Good City Brewing

Oct. 16 - Yoga + Art: Mke Creatives Night Market at The Atrium

Oct. 18 - Yoga + Cocktails at Cream City Wellness

Oct. 19 - Yoga Arcade Party at UpDown

Oct.20 - Yoga + Beer at Raised Grain Brewing

Oct. 21 - $5 Yoga at 53212 Presents

Oct. 23 - Yoga, Beer, + Bitching at Company Brewing

Oct. 26 - Yoga + Beer at Dead Bird Brewing

Oct. 28 - $5 Yoga at 53212 Presents

Nov. 2 - Day Drinking Yoga Retreat in Steven's Point, WI

Yoga + Beer at Central Waters

Nov. 3 - Yoga + Beer at Inventor's Brewpub

Yoga + Cocktails at Great Lakes Distillery

Nov. 7 - Yoga + Cocktails at Bittercube Bar and Bazaar

Nov. 10 - Yoga + Beer at Enlightened Brewing

Nov. 15 - Yoga + Beer at Miller Caves

Join the Mug Club!

Get it!

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