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Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I'm not sure how, but finally getting the opportunity to see Greta Van Fleet live left me with so much to say, but speechless all at once. Paul showed me this band about a year ago and their YouTube videos had me hooked, but live - LIVE! - this performance literally left with my mouth wide open. Those boys are so incredibly talented! They quickly became one of my favorite bans - as such, I went into this concert with pretty high expectations. Expectations that were met and far exceeded.

Greta Van Fleet performed at Summerfest and life kept me from attending, but I think it was for the best so that my first time seeing them could be as perfect as it was this weekend! We started our evening at the High Noon Saloon for our limited edition GVF American Pale Ale. My can is proudly placed on my bar cart now! After our Greta Van Toast, we headed over to the Sylvee. As a new venue, this was my first show there and they did not disappoint. From the cassette mural to the Greta door on my bathroom stall (all access, haha) I was diggin' the details. We got a spot right up against a barrier to the pit area, so we were raised above and separated from the masses. A great view and something to lean against? Sold.

The great thing about Greta's fan base is that it spans the generations. From the OG Led Zeppelin fans that recognize the nod, to newer admirers that appreciate talent performed with real instruments - their fans are diverse and it showed! There was some prime fashion and people watching! But naturally, Josh's outfit stole the show. My main fashion takeaway? I didn't wear enough feathers.

The performance itself is where I start to lose my words. I already get full body goosebumps when I listen to their music at home or work or in the car, so it goes without saying that their live show took me to another level. If I wasn't fan girl screaming or singing every word I knew, I was either smiling so big my mouth was wide open or shaking my head in disbelief. Each and every member of the band is so. effing. talented. Every single solo, from drums to strings to vocals, sent a new wave of shivers down my spine. I mean, Jake played his guitar on a microphone stand and Josh smashed his tambourine for Pete's sake! Two things I never knew I've always wanted to see...and I wasn't alone. At one point, I saw someone in the crowd waving their cane in the air. Party on brother.

I could go on and on with my love for Greta, but instead I'll leave you with a strong encouragement to check them out. They even release their next album on October 19th! This show was one for the books and I'm so psyched that we snagged our tickets to their Madison show in June the moment presale became available! Although I'm bummed I didn't hear When the Curtain Falls. That's a song to close a show with! I've got some tips for their set list manager for the June show. Until next time, I'll be listening to Lover, Leaver on repeat.


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