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Reflecting on the Best Concert of 2019

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Back in August, I was able to snag tickets to a concert that blew all of my other concert experiences out of the water - literally! We broke a yacht! But before I get ahead of myself...all of this reflecting on the New Year had me reminiscing about some of my favorite moments of the year, and this summer day was absolutely at the top of the list.

I had a myriad of reasons holding me back from sharing this experience back when it happened. I was in the throes of the most severe allergies I've ever encountered, so I was pretty medicated. I had left my phone in a Lyft after a night of enjoying Lake Geneva's finest libation establishments, so my photos were lower quality and I wasn't firing on all cylinders...the list goes on and on. But this day left an indelible memory that I look back on fondly every time I hear a Goldfish tune, and the day's events were too good not to share!

After our night out in Lake Geneva, we continued south to Chicago and boarded the Anita Dee II (don't even get me started on that name...). The four story yacht was the hostess of our day cruise concert featuring Goldfish, an electronic duo from South Africa. Paul and I have been huge fans ever since we heard Fort Knox on the Kia Soul hamster commercial so long ago, and this was our second time seeing them perform. We set sail on Lake Michigan for our four hour cruise on a simply gorgeous summer day. Beer in hand, we found a spot on the rooftop deck to soak up some sun and sway along with the first DJ. And sway, we did. The boat was definitely rockin', and we got to know our neighbors pretty well. We kept that up for about two hours before Goldfish came out.

When they finally did, the boat went wild! Naturally, at an EDM concert, you're bound to dance, but our collective bouncing was a little too extreme for the Anita Dee II to handle. A fellow concert goer later showed us a video of the floor below. The ceiling was buckling and bowing with every beat - so extremely, that some people were seeking refuge in doorways just in case the whole thing came down! Needless to say, after two and a half songs, they cut the music and started bringing us back into shore. Apparently something broke and the boat was rocking too dangerously.

I was devastated. We had come so far for only five minutes of my most anticipated concert of the year! The ride back into shore was one giant bummer for me. As we were getting off the yacht amidst a hoard of fans, I overheard a miracle. Apparently the boys were able to find a rooftop nearby to finish up their set! Now if you know me, you know that there are two places that I love to and rooftops! With renewed hope and energy, we made our way to Cerise, the 26th floor of the Virgin Hotels Chicago. I thought a yacht concrt was going to be cool, but this venue switch is what cranked it to eleven and made this the most memorable concert experience I've had thus far.

As Paul was grabbing drinks in the insane bar line, I was trying to find a good spot before the show started again. In my search, I stumbled upon a bass case and other gear. As my gaze traveled, I realized I had chosen the spot where Dominic was trying to set up the Goldfish gear! Frantic, I waved Paul over for our chance to meet a member of one of our favorite bands! He was beyond kind as we buried him in a barrage of compliments and asked for a photo that we will cherish forever. And that South African accent to top it off...*chef's kiss*

I had secured a spot so close, that we were within arms reach of the boys the entire show. It was an absolute dream. It didn't matter that I had lost my phone. It didn't matter that I was medicated, dehydrated, and a mere shell of myself. I felt like I could fly, so I rode out that energy and I just fucking danced the entire time.

This is a memory that will truly be tough to shake. After an absolute roller coaster of emotions that day, we experienced a show beyond our wildest expectations. If you haven't jammed to Goldfish before, I highly recommend you check them out! They blend techno music with featured singers while they play live instruments like saxophone, bass, and flute to totally take it to another level. Here are some of my favorites, just to name a few:

  • Fort Knox

  • Late Night People

  • Heart Shaped Box

  • Bad Luck and Trouble

  • Deep of the Night

  • Drive Them Back to Darkness

  • Simple Man

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