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See Something, Sage Something.

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

You've seen 'em do it - light a bundle of sticks on fire and wave it around. Why? What? You've got questions, I've got answers. I'm here to clear the air on saging on walk you right on through to good vibes only.

What Exactly is going on?

Sagers are waving those bunches for a reason. Burning sage is like giving yourself and your space a deep metaphysical cleanse - an energetic shower, if you will. The smoke from a sage bundle will actually alter the composition of the air. This change can have a direct effect on reducing our stress response. In a nut shell, keep calm and sage on.

What's with the funky bundle?

That bunch of twigs is far more than meets the eye. Also known as a smudge stick, this bundle can be filled with a few different herbs. Generally, you'll hear people using sage. Herbs like white sage and garden sage are healing herbs used for blessing and calming a person or space. Cedar, lavender, frankincense, and myrrh are all used for smudging as well.

Why should I sage?

In any instance where you wish to shift the energy or wash away the outside world, a saging ritual is for you. This is a healing and cleansing act meant to bless the subject of your smudge. In some cases, it's only necessary to sage situationally - perhaps in a new space after a move. For others, it becomes a part of their morning ritual to set the vibration of their day. Find the saging schedule that's right for you!

Alright, ya got me. What do I do?

I knew I'd have you swayed to sage. First, get yourself a little saging starter kit. I got mine from VibesUp here, and they have an "ultimate" kit as well! I can't recommend literally everything on their website enough - but that's a whole other blog post...the starter kit comes with a few burden stones to hold in your hands throughout the process. They'll collect your troubling thoughts and hold onto them for you. Chivalry isn't dead, folks. When the stones become burdened, you can bury them in the ground to be cleared by the earth. Pretty cool.

Anyways, there are a few pre steps to consider. You'll want to rid yourself of as many electronics as you can. Silence your phone or set it in a separate space, and turn off your TVs and radios. If you can, open the windows to allow energies to flow and allow any negative energies to release. Also, sage smoke can be pretty pungent. Make sure you have a heat resistant ash catcher - that VibesUp bundle includes an abalone shell for this! Set your intention - are you saging to cleanse? Heal? Grow? Are you saging for abundance? To clear your mind? To allow a new experience? Be sure to set your intention.

Starting your ritual at the beginning of your day to allows for a clear mind free of the troubles and thoughts that come with our every day. If you're saging your home, it's best to do it Drake style and start it from the bottom. That is, begin at the lowest level and work your way to the top. Hot tip (pun very much intended) - light a candle in each room. That'll be your savior if your bundle begins to dwindle and you need a relight. Alright, you're ready to sage.

1. Light the thick end of the bunch and blow out the flames once it begins to smoke.

2. Start in the corner of the room and move the bundle up and down, fanning the smoke with your hand or a feather.

3. Continue this action in each corner of the room. Once you've done that, move to the interior and fan the smoke over the rest of the room. Move the smoke over all of your furniture and belongings. Ensure you cover windows and sills, and finally, the door frame as you exit.

4. Repeat this in all of the rooms in your space - remember to go from the bottom up if your space is multiple levels.

5. Once you've completed saging all of the rooms, complete your ritual with saging the entrances to your home by moving smoke over the doorways.

While you're doing this, remember to pay your gratitude in each room. Repeat your intentions as you move through the different areas of your space. This will help you clear the energy and allow the shift in vibrations that you desire.

I hope I accomplished what I've set out today and cleared the air on saging for you. I have to give a shout out to one of the podcasts I've binged through, Two Girls One Ghost, for coming up with the crop top I'm sporting. I had a chance to connect with them over a shipping issue and they are as delightful doing business as they are shootin' the shit on their podcast. This top was the perfect addition to this post, if I do say so myself.

So remember folks, good vibes only, and if you see something, sage something.

Get it!

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