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Shop LC - Delivering Joy

"No opal-ogies, no regrets" she thought to herself as she clicked 'add to cart'. Truly though, I'm never sorry when I buy jewelry from Shop LC! As a goldsmith, I'm very picky about the quality of the jewelry that I buy. I like to choose pieces with a sterling silver or stainless steel base because they won't turn my skin colors, and the color of the piece won't wear like a lot of costumer jewelry will. These pieces are quality and they stand the test of time!

Shopping their website has been one of my favorite isolation activities. Their inventory is expansive! Pages and pages of gems and jewels have kept me occupied and left with a lot of decisions to make. I'm typically more of a ring or necklace girl, but I ended up going with two bracelets and set of hoops for my first round. They had so many unique options, I've got a wish list that's a mile long!

My new favorite earrings are absolute show stoppers. The settings are platinum over sterling silver, so I know they won't bother my sensitive ears, and they hold 5.15 carats of Ethiopian Welo Opals. Opals are one of my favorite gemstones! They stimulate originality and creativity, strengthen your memory, and their fiery colors match just about everything! I love the inside out style of these hoops because you can see all of the opals instead of a bunch of metal.

I chose to go with a cuff for my next piece because its simple style is so versatile and elevates any look! This Calvin Klein cuff is ion plated yellow gold stainless steel, so it is flexible enough to get on and off, but nice and durable. It has a Swarovski crystal to add an elegant touch to whatever you wear it with!

Every girl needs a classic gold tone bracelet, so when I came across this one, I knew it'd be perfect. I love the braided strand style because it brings a lot more interest to the piece. This one is sterling silver plated with yellow gold, so I'm confident it will hold up! Something this quintessential is incredibly easy to dress up, or dress down...

There are still so many pieces that I hope to add to my collection. If you're feeling the same way, I've got something to take the edge off!

Use the code Hailey35 for 35% off your online order!

Let me know which beauties you decide to indulge in!

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