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Show Me Whatcha Got!

I've got a list of weaknesses so long that it could circle the globe, but perched right at the top, just below prosecco, is snagging a great shopping deal. I'm a woman of ever-changing tastes and my wardrobe is a revolving door of purges and purchases, so my main focus is the price point - I like to keep that sucker low so I can load up on whatever catches my eye!

The best part of shopping is the hunt, am I right? It makes that sale so much more satisfying. Those aren't just a killer new pair of mules, they're my trophy! And you know I'm going to show it off...The other side of hunting is the competition. This section of my blog isn't intended to hand you what I find on a silver platter. That, my friends, is up to you. I'd much rather be the person that inspires your own creative flair! Sure, we can both rock a band tee or a chenille sweater, but the beauty of fashion is how we do it differently! I mean, I'm a big girl now and I know the importance of sharing, so I won't bogard ALL of the deals, but I want to surround myself with a community of original and inventive style huntresses!

Fashion has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember, but that doesn't mean I've always been "on fleek", as the kids call it these days... For instance, there was that year around fourth grade that I wore a red bandana every. damn. day. No matter what. Lime green t-shirt? Throw a red bandana on it. Christmas dinner with the family? Not without my red bandana! I have the movie Bring It On! to thank for that one.

Growing up as tall as I was made it really difficult to find clothes that fit, so I had to get creative. A middle school sewing class turned me into an amateur tailor. I'd buy two pairs of the same pants, cut the bottoms off of one, and sew them onto the other. I'm so glad that "let out hems" are trending now, but I really could've used that one circa 2004. My two older sisters can attest to the number of times I'd steal their cloths and sew them to fit me...yeah, I was the epitome of a little sister - the worst.

I've come a long way since my humble beginnings - working plenty of retail jobs and living that mall life - getting my soul sucked by Forever 21, Fossil, Aldo, and Francesca's (can you tell I loved it?) before finally finding a home in the diamond retail business. Although my youth may have been stolen by the mall, I learned a lot about the fashion industry and the majority of my relationships I have now are with some wonderful people that were working in the trenches beside me. For that, I'm so grateful.

Outside of fashion and deals, the "Got it!" section of my blog will highlight the items that get the Hailey Stamp of Approval! I've got horrible skin - mostly from my diet and an unwillingness to change that runs so deep it gives the ocean a run for it's money - so I'm always looking for products that'll diminish the damage. The more natural, the better! I'm still finding my footing when it comes to ingredients and what I'm putting in/on my body, but with the internet and age, you can only play the blissful ignorance card for so long. Hopefully the things I deem worthy or give a hard pass to will give some insight as to what might work for you!

Welcome to Got It!

"Show me whatcha got!" - You better believe I will!

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