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Summer Trend: Shades + Chains

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Summer may be quickly coming to a close, but the sun is out year round and my favorite trend this season keeps you covered! I'm hoppin' aboard the old lady train and now I've got a solid collection of glasses chains. You heard me right! A fun shades/chain combo can take any outfit to another level, and you'll never lose your glasses again. We're all victims - nose pads stuck in our hair, scratched lenses from haphazardly tossing them into our bags - these chains are function and fashion rolled into one!

Gold Chains:

Gold goes well with so much and gives an instant glam touch to any look. Pair it with gold, tortoise, or black frames for a classic look, or mix metals for a more modern vibe! I got these gold chains in a variety pack on Amazon, and same with the oversized square lenses (they're polarized!) These black ombre cateye shades were a Discovery score.

Silver Chains:

Something about silver gives me all of the edgy, modern vibes - especially when paired in a monochrome metal combo. Silver on silver looks so clean! Of course, it'll pair well with anything, but another look I love is that mixed metal pairing. A softer rose or yellow gold thrown into the mix softens a little bit of that edge and introduces some variety into your look! These chains were a part of that Amazon variety pack, the rose gold shades are from Shein, and the silver were a Discovery find.


You can find it in frames and now you can wear it in chains! This chunky acrylic chain is a neutral and a statement all in one. It'll pair well with black, brown, metallic, and even a bold red! My personal favorite. This pattern is made for play, so go bold with your shades! These triangle frames are a Forever 21 find and the chain is another Amazon snag.


Nothing screams "old lady" like a pearl glasses chain, and I am here for it! Pearls are so classic, they can make any look romantic and put together. I think they complement a rose gold frame, like these Prive Revaux shades, impeccably. You guessed it, I got this chain on Amazon, too!

With just a few chains, the level of variety in your wardrobe can skyrocket. A simple tee and jeans can be elegant, modern, or glam in an effortless instant. What kind of combinations will you create?

Got it!

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