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Summerfest 2k19

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Summerfest - America's largest music festival! Over 900,000 people come together to enjoy 11 days of music from over 800 acts on 12 stages. As a person that detests crowds, those numbers give me immediate anxiety - but the bands are just too good to stay away! Normally, I try to fit in three or four nights of 'festing depending on the bands available, but this year I was only able to squeeze in two! So I had to make them good.

My wishlist was a long one this year. With names like Billie Eilish, Lil Wayne + Snoop Dogg, and The Killers on the main stage, you'd have to choose between fulfilling your concert wishes, or keeping both of your kidneys in your body and off the black market...those tickets can add up when you're in love with every act! I steered clear of the dark web and opted for some classic performances that made my millennial heart melt, TPain and Jason Mraz! We were hoping to see Third Eye Blind as well, but my as my age grows, so do my hangovers, and I had too much fun watching TPain to make it back the next evening. Classic. Just being honest!

The TPain concert was one of those that unleashes flood gates of high school nostalgia. He sang his own music, as well as clips of songs that he was featured in, like Kiss, Kiss by Chris Brown! I really lost it when I heard that one. It was one of my favorites! Even more delightfully surprising was when he busted out into Don't Stop Me Now by Queen! Totally out of left field. Totally here for it. Once we wrapped up at TPain, we were able to catch the tail end of the Styx concert! I didn't get to hear Come Sail Away, but we did jam along to Mr. Roboto, so...domo arigato, Styx.

I didn't end up making it back to the festival until the final night, but we really managed to make it count. I had the privilege of joining Riva (What Riva Wore) in indulging in the ultimate Summerfest experience. We enjoyed gorgeous lake views, and despite Riva getting attacked by a territorial blackbird (don't worry, she survived), we had a fabulous time VIP tent hopping and taking in all that the festival grounds had to offer. Before I knew it, we were being ushered to await the best part of the evening - a chance to meet Mr. A-Z himself! We tried to be chill, but he's so hot that we melted! It was such pleasure to meet Jason's acquaintance. For about 30 seconds, I held him in my arms while people took their spots for a photo. He's the tiniest guy (compared to me!) with the biggest voice! We wrapped up the festival with classics like The Remedy, You and I Both, I'm Yours, and after a Colbie Callait introduction fakeout - that still hurts, Jason - Lucky! The whole set made my heart sing. It was the perfect end to Summerfest!

While I didn't make it to nearly as many shows as I'd like, I had a blast getting a chance to see some of my most nostalgic performers live. I'm so thankful to live near America's largest music festival and have the opportunity to see such talented acts year after year. Summerfest is a festival season staple, and 2019 was one for the books!


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