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Taken by Take Out

In the past year I’ve taken down more takeout than I ever thought possible. Our trips to the grocery store are rare, and we rely on our HelloFresh deliveries or DoorDash most nights. I was so used to taking advantage of so many bars and restaurants before March last year, and that shift in my social life has been one of the biggest adjustments I’ve made. In an effort to keep supporting those businesses we love so much, we’ve really tried to order take out from our favorite restaurants when we can and I wanted to share some of the places we pick up the most often!

  1. Stone Creek Coffee – the Delafield location has got to be sick of me at this point because we take advantage of their mobile ordering feature DAILY. I would be nothing without my Cardamom Latte, and it’s perfect because when I order ahead, I’m in and out – no lines!

  2. Senor Tomas – this is hands down the best Mexican food I’ve ever had, and everyone we take there says the same! This restaurant is just down the hill from us in Hartland, and it is SO worth the drive! I always get the Arroz con Pollo, it’s simply divine. I remember the first time I ate there; the waitress came around to check on us and after we all exclaimed how delicious everything was, she goes, “right?” and walked away. At least they know what they’ve got goin’ on! We order ahead and do curbside pickup, it’s so convenient.

  3. Proof Pizza – In the beginning of the pandemic, we drove all the way to Lake Geneva to get out Neapolitan style pizza fix at Oakfire. I was so stoked when Proof re-opened downtown at Saint Kate the Arts Hotel, and even more excited when they started their great weekday deals! Buy one get one free pies on Mondays and $3 off signature pizzas from 11-4 on Fridays, you can’t not take advantage. My personal favorite is the Genoa with an added drizzle of balsamic. They also introduced breakfast pizzas for brunch, and this is one of my favorite restaurants to go to these days because it is so open and spacious…and because of the mimosa flights. I can’t say enough good things!

  4. Speaking of brunch, nothing hits quite like a classic brunch from Café Hollander. We’ve been taking advantage of the curbside pick up at the Brookfield Corners location, but there are plenty of other locations you can stop at! I’m a sucker for the classic Americana, but there are so many good options to switch it up with. The best part is the growler of beer-mosas that you can get featuring my favorite beer from the Lowlands group, High Speed Wit!

  5. The Corners of Brookfield has a number of places we’ve been frequenting, another being Bel Air Cantina. Hot tip, you can order extra arbol sauce with the curbside pickup – score! Any time I need a good, classic taco or nacho fix, I’m headin’ to Bel Air!

  6. FreshFin Poke is the other restaurant at The Corners that we’ve picked up from quite a bit. We definitely feel a lot better about ourselves when we’ve had a leaner meal, and building my own bowl is the perfect balance! I opt for the ahi tuna and make a sweeter bowl with items like toasted coconut and mango. It’s so good, especially in the summer!

  7. 100% switching gears – did you know that the SmokeShack offers brunch?? I’m such a brat and can never decide between the burnt ends benedict and the Cajun benedict, so I usually order the burnt ends benedict with a fried green tomato on top. I’m salivating just thinking about it…you can visit them in Wauwatosa or Downtown!

  8. One of my favorite places to dine before isolation was Cooper’s Hawk Winery at Brookfield Square. Their build your own flight was such a good deal and I could eat 100 of their flatbreads – such a pleasing meal! I’m so happy they offer takeout so I can still take advantage - and get a little bit of that pretzel bread while I’m at it. If you’re looking for a wine rec, I love their Super Tuscan for the reds and the Coopers Hawk Lux Sparkling…ok honestly the first four choices on their sparkling list…and the almond champagne…just go and get the flight!

  9. One thing I’ve recently discovered is I REALLY identify with French cuisine – everything is so rich and decadent, so you’ll find me at Le Reve in Wauwatosa fairly often! The addition of their pop up food truck was such a delight this summer, and I made the trip over a number of times because everything I tried was so good. Plus, anyone that has a Croque Madame/Monsieur on their menu has my patronage.

  10. I got to Café Zupas in Menomonee Falls for lunch while I’m working quite a bit – taking advantage of their curbside pick up makes my life so easy. I feel so much better about myself because I take advantage of the soup/salad combo, love their orange/berry/honey water, and can not resist the complementary chocolate covered strawberry! I’ve almost tried every soup on their menu, and they’re all seriously so delicious. You really can’t make a bad choice there.

I was a frequent visitor to a lot of bars and restaurants, but have always preferred eating my meals in the comfort of my own home. This change in lifestyle has actually been very welcome in the Mirkes household, as it totally plays into our homebody tendencies. I’m so happy that we’re able to safely support some of our favorite businesses from the couch, and we’ll continue to do so as we navigate this weird world we’ve found ourselves in. Did any of your favorites make the list?

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