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The Craft Photoshoot

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

This time of year always has me feelin' Crafty - and I don't mean arts and crafts. I'm talking the 90's cult classic, if you will, about 4 teen girls embracing their witchy side! It's mystical, it's creepy, and the movie is full of classic scenes, like the character Nancy gliding across the room on her toes - so spooky! You may develop an un-natural fear of snakes in doing so, but I promise it is totally worth it.

So when I heard that Stephanie of Amaya Marie Photography wanted to work together on a shoot inspired by The Craft, I absolutely couldn't say no. Especially when she told me she saw me as the Nancy - hell yeah. These badd vibes were absolutely perfect for what I was hoping to share during spooky season, and we had a blast during this beautiful fall day at Lake Park putting it all together.

The elements were all there - we had my pendulum for scribing, tarot cards, candles, sage - the whole nine yards! We caught the eye of a lot of onlookers, and a few thumbs up. You could tell Milwaukee was definitely in a spooky mood that day!

This bridge in Lake Park made for the perfect stomping grounds. We made quite an impact in our black and white, and I may be biased, but I think we absolutely nailed this shoot! Credit goes to the fabulously talented Stephanie Amaya for her photography and planning, and her partner, Andres, for being an excellent hype man, playlist extraordinnaire, and videographer. It was also a pleasure meeting and working with this Craft-y tribe of badass ladies for the first time, Angela (@angelaperez6972), Jasmyn (@jasmynroseofficial), and Cierra (@cierra_r)! What do you think of the full gallery? Does it put you in a witchy mood?

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