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These Tees Rock!

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

We all love music, right? There's not a soul on Earth that can't resist tapping a toe or bobbing their head to something out there. Whether it's banjos and washboards, or tribal hymns, there is something for everyone. I think that's because music is some sort of primal, fundamental language that connects us all - like how cows love jazz! Think I'm crazy? Google it.

If that is the case, I must be damn near fluent in it because music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. As each year passes, I find myself branching out more and more and finding even more musicians, bands, styles, singers, genres, instruments, artists that just make you feel.

I love music so much, I've started wearing a few of my favorites! And what a little collection it's turning into...Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Blondie, The Who, Boston, Greta Van Fleet, Boston again, and Heart are really only the beginning. I'd love to get my hands on tees for so. many. other. artists. Give me time.

Rocker tees are one of my favorite things to wear because they're just so easy! The bands usually do the work for you with their cover art or their faces so you're done there. And can we talk about the versatility? Throw on literally any bottoms and as many accessories as you want and in my opinion, you're lookin' fly as hell. Shades or a killer hat are definitely a good go-to - I like to think they up the cool factor. I understand how 90's sitcom dad-ish I sound saying all of that but I'm willing to accept my fate as an old trapped in a young's body, for now.

Do you have a go to tee that you just can't live without? Do you like to switch up the style with how you wear it or do you keep to a classic look? I'd love to know!

Got it!

Outfit Deets:

Tom Petty - Forever 21 online

Blondie - Forever 21 online clearance

The Who - Forever 21

Boston - Forever 21, altered by me

Greta Van Fleet - GVF website

Boston - Forever 21 online clearance

Heart - Walmart online, altered by me

High waisted shorts - Forever 21

Cuffed shorts - Express, thrifted

Leggings - Forever 21 online clearance

Photo Creds:

Riva Treasure (What Riva Wore)

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