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Toi et Moi Collection Exclusively at Kesslers Diamonds

Thanksgiving seemed like the right day to share this post, because it fills me with such immense gratitude. I'm beyond thrilled to share with you the newest collection at Kesslers Diamonds - this one is near and dear to my heart because it happens to be the first collection I've ever designed! To highlight our selection of natural diamonds with a hint of hue, I selected diamonds to pair together into Toi et Moi pendants - a diamond for you and for me!

My team was gracious enough to let me model these breathtaking pieces, and I had the help of the incredibly talented Amanda Geirach to give these pendants the credit they're due. You can see for yourself that she delivered! We couldn't have done this at all without the talents of our photographer, Jennell Jenney. She brought my crazy suggestions to life and truly did these one of a kind pieces the justice they deserve. Check out the results of our Downtown Milwaukee photoshoot below!

She even took some photos with a few of our favorite luxury brands and items to highlight how luxurious these pieces are! I can't get over the elegance of this collection!

These pendants are one of a kind and exclusively at Kesslers! Head to one of our 8 Wisconsin and Michigan locations to see these stunning pieces in person, or click here to shop them online! Just in time to knock her socks off for the holidays, fellas...I'll just be over hear beaming with pride.

Special thank you to Kesslers Diamonds for giving me the opportunity to design this collection. You're genuinely making my dreams come true.

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