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Veuve Is In The Heart

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

I love boats. I've loved 'em since I was a wee one, it's one of my favorite summer activities, heck I got married on a boat. So when this opportunity came across my inbox, it took me all of half a second to reply that I was in! Shout out to Pamela Kieck (It's Pamela Kieck) for organizing this fantastic collaboration!

I'm a creature of habit and tend to stick around the Third Ward, Fifth Ward, and Cathedral Square areas of downtown, so I had no idea that Badger Liquor has a beautiful facility in Schlitz Park. I'm talkin' towers of tequila barrels, a state of the art bar set up, and even a speakeasy style back room! Nothing gets me excited like a hidden doorway. This place is COOL, and it was an honor to get a tour of their facilities. Not going to lie to you, I wanted to become a customer of theirs so I had access to this place and their Veuve Cruise all of the time!

So let's talk about this cruise. Clients of Badger Liquor have access to the sweetest happy hour in the city, and it takes place - you guessed it - on a boat!! As if this deal couldn't get any sweeter, it's hosted by Veuve Clicquot, the brand of champagne that I covet and reserve for the most special of occasions. You and up to 9 of your squad can sip champagne or rosé while taking in the sights of the city from a whole new perspective! This was without a doubt the most luxurious way I've ever spent a Thursday.

One of the things I love about these collaborations is the people! Everyone I met at Badger Liquor was so accomodating, charming, and kind, and our captains had everything in order for their maiden voyage. It's refreshing to create relationships with businesses in the city I love! Even better are my fellow blogger babes. Each time I have the privilege of attending one of these events, I meet other Milwaukee Creatives that are so full of color, life, and ambition! I swear in a matter of minutes, Jodi Kay Edwards (Lifestyle Finesse) and I were knee deep in conversation about manifestation and feeding off of each other's energies. It's so fun to get inspired by new people!

Badger Liquor showed us one helluva time, floating on the Milwaukee River and Veuve Bubbles! They even taught us how to say the darn name - hot tip! Americans pronounce it Voov, like move, while the French pronounce it Vuv, like love. I had already picked out my blog title when he told me this so like a stubborn American I'll be calling it Voov. Might as well live up to the stereotype.

I want to thank Veuve Clicquot and Badger Liquor for inceptioning my dreams and creating the perfect Hailey Happy Hour. I've never felt so spoiled! I have to reserve one shout out to our photographer, Justin Tesch (Instagram @derjusty) for being a rockstar photographer and knowing exactly how to handle a boat full of basic b's that have been sipping champagne, liberally.Finally, I have to thank Pam, Jodi, Lauren Henesy (Henesy House) and Josette Schulze (Jo Marie Mke) for taking the makings of a great evening, adding their effervescent personalities, and turning this "blogger collaboration" into a night of bubbles, toasts, and laughs.

Cheers to this night!

Badger Liquor, I like the way you Veuve!

Outfit Deets:

Hat - Target

Shades - Amazon Prime

Dress - Forever 21 Online

Shoes - Amazon

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