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Whichever Way the Pendulum Swings

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

We've all had those days where we need a little expert advice, and naturally we consult ourselves. I know I'm not the only one constantly asking myself questions in my head, and it would be so nice to get an answer sometimes. Who hasn't had a time where they were seeking a little advice, connection, or clarity on an issue. What would you say if there is a tool - outside of the magic 8 ball - that can provide a better understanding in various scenarios? Would you turn to the source for answers?

People have been turning to pendulums for advice for centuries, and it's a simple practice that you can do from the comfort of your own home! But what is a pendulum? A pendulum is a tool that helps you connect to your higher self by asking it questions to help guide you, clarify answers, and raise your awareness. Pendulums are often referred to as the sixth sense - when you ask a question, unseen energy transmits information, which causes the pendulum to move so that you can interpret it. Some say it brings together your left and right brain, so you can make a decision with both your intuitive and logical minds, instead of one or the other. Think of it as a middleman between you and the universe. Most commonly, it is a crystal, but it can be any small object attached to a chain, string, or cord. Glass, metal, and wood have been used, but the object points downward and is usually symmetrical to avoid bias in the direction of the swing.

I personally went with a crystal, and had so many options to choose from. This clear quartz pendulum jumped right out at me while I was perusing the shelves of Angels Forever, Windows of Light and I knew I had to take it home. Some of the most popular crystals to use for pendulums are clear quartz, amethyst, and fluorite. Clear quartz, like mine, is one of the most powerful crystals across the board, is pretty common to find, and is one of the more popular crystals used. Amethyst has a strong spiritual connection, so it is often used to help improve your decision making and aids in transmission. Fluorite is also great for decisiveness and aids in the flow of positive energy - all good things when you're trying to get in the right mindset for consulting your pendulum!

A pendulum can be used for a number of reasons. People use their guides to answer simple questions, like finding lost items or deciding between two choices, to more complex questions to help guide you on your path in life. They can also be used to purify the energy of a room or for healing purposes once you learn more. The main thing to remember when you're just starting out is that your pendulum can really only answer yes, no, or unclear. It's important to phrase your questions in a way that allow for a clear answer. Your pendulum connects with you and your consciousness on that day, in that moment - it's perfectly normal to get answers, and then try again another time to see that your answers have changed.

So how do you get started? Before you dive into consulting your pendulum, you should make sure the item is cleansed. The easiest way to do this is to leave your item in nature for 24 hours, perhaps in earth or amongst some plant life. You can purify it by letting it bask in the sun and moonlight for 24 hours. You can cleanse it with sage, bury it in sea salt, or if its water and salt friendly, in a pinch you can hold it under cold water.

Once your pendulum has been charged, take a moment to prepare your mind. Hold it in your hands for 10 minutes and focus on the exchange of energy. The stone's passing through you, and yours passing through the pendulum. Now is a great time to recite a mantra, affirmation, or prayer. It's important to have an open mind and shed any doubts, concerns, and worries that may be burdening you.

When you've readied yourself it's time to position yourself and your pendulum for successful, unobstructed answers. Most people use their dominant hand to hold the chain, but use whatever is most comfortable for you. Make sure you've got a firm grip on the cord, and steady your arm by setting it on a stable surface. Let the pendulum just dangle. Try to hold it very still, but don't worry if your hand shakes a little. This won't affect your outcome.

Next, you need to establish your signals. Ask your pendulum direct questions, like "show me my yes" "show me my no "and "show me my maybe". Your pendulum will either swing front to back, side to side, or in clockwise/counter clockwise motions. Tension can block the flow of energy necessary for answers to be transmitted to you, so if your signals are unclear, try again when you are more relaxed and focused. Sometime a pendulum may not have a clear answer or may not be open to answering a particular question and it could remain still or create it's own directional answer in that case.

Now that you've established your signals, you should verify them by asking a few simple questions. If your pendulum is new, you might want to ask it some questions to connect with it and get to know its energy better. Can I call you ___? and give it a name! Is right now a good time for me to use my pendulum? is a great first question - you may be surprised by the answer! Once you're connected, try - Is my name ___? Am I indoors? Is the sky blue? Asking these questions will ensure that you're interpreting your answers properly. Getting to know the directional swings lets you know how well your pendulum is going to communicate with you. If the signals aren't coming out right, try reprogramming the pendulum and establishing what your yes, no, and unclear signals are.

When you're ready to start asking your questions, make sure you're prepared! If you have a specific topic you want to dive into, make sure you have multiple questions prepared about it so you can get as much insight and guidance as possible. Be as specific as possible - avoid using words like "supposed to" or "should" in your questions. Be patient, and be present.

Concentrate on your question, but don't concentrate on what you think your answer should be. Be patient while you wait for your answers, and try to remain detached. You want to focus on receiving a correct, unbiased answer. Your pendulum's motion is your answer. The direction is swings in should be one of the three options you established earlier. If it swings wildly, you can take that as a very clear answer. If your pendulum swings gently, the answer isn't quite as committed. To get a stronger response, you can say "be more clear" or cup your other hand underneath the point to focus the energy.

After each question, clear your pendulum by touching the point to your other palm or another surface. This signifies that your question has been answered and you're moving onto the next.

The pendulum is a great option for those seeking advice in any area of their life, big or small. I think a tool like this is especially important in days like these. So much more self reflection has been happening across the board, and with all this introspect, some outer influence could be just what we need. If you're looking to connect with yourself on a deeper level, maybe it's time you take out your pendulum!

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