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Winter Color Combo: Camel + Red

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Considering the fact that Spring is less than two weeks away, I'm a little late in the game for sharing my favorite Winter color combo...but I live in Wisconsin, where Spring is a figment of our imaginations and this combination is just too good not to share. You've seen it on my feed, you've seen it in the streets, camel and red are taking over! It's such a classic combination - a neutral with a primary pop! A pair this versatile means you can wear it in so many different ways!

Camel + Red Accents

Keeping the base of your outfit neutral makes the best back drop for a dash of red. Whether it's your lipstick, nail polish, shoes, or a bad ass pair of lenses - whatever accessory you can conceive is sure to stand out! Whether you're going casual or dressing up for the day, this duo is sure to dazzle.

Red + Camel Accents

Red is truly one of the most powerful colors you can wear, and occassionally it can be a lot on the eyes. Warm camel complements fiery red in every way. I like to keep my neutral touches warm and cozy - think lots of faux fur and shearling! On those dreary days, wearing colors like this really help with keeping myself in a warmer mindset.

That Camel is a Leopard...

If you really want to kick your outfit up a notch, every shade of camel can be found in one of my favorite new neutrals - leopard print! The print so versatile, people - like me! - have been considering this staple statement a neutral. It pairs marvelously with red and gives off that classy vibe with a wild edge that goes great in everyone's closet! Whether you incorporate it in your entire outfit, or find a piece that did the work for you, you're sure to catch some eyes as you go by!

Nearly every piece featured was a Forever 21 or Target clearance find or thrifted, but these prints and shades are flooding the shelves right now. Like I said in my first Got it! post, the thrill of the hunt is the best part! For such a versatile color combination, I'm sure you can make dozens of looks tailored to your style - I hope you enjoyed the little dose of inspiration in the mean time!

Got it!

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