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Winter Skin Essentials

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

Once I heard someone say, "if you live in the Midwest, you have two different skin types, summer skin and winter skin." - and ain't that the truth! The harsh Wisconsin winters make my problem skin an even bigger menace. Subzero temperatures and shockingly dry conditions leave me looking for solutions to my winter skin situation.

The first thing I need is a fresh palette - that requires a great exfoliant! Having sensitive skin, I opted for a gel exfoliant by Vivo Per Lei. It doesn't have any rough or harsh texture to it and when my skin is dry, this product's effectiveness is almost alarming. So. much. dead skin comes off of my face! Plus, their luxe packaging makes me feel extra fancy. You can get it here on Amazon!

Next is a new found favorite of mine. Yeouth skincare has pure hyaluronic acid to help your skin retain moisture. It's a naturally occurring compound found in your skin that helps bind moisture and preserve elasticity. Honestly, after only a few uses a saw a huge difference in my skin. I love it so much, I've go a code so you can get it, too! Enter the code SOCIAL20 at checkout and recieve 20% off of your order at!

Once you've slathered that on, it's time to moisturize. Vivo Per Lei offers a dead sea mineral moisturizer that pairs perfectly with their exfoliant! I usually just order them together on Amazon here. I like this day cream a lot because it doesn't feel heavy or greasy at all. In combination with the hyaluronic acid, my skin feels so supple afterwards!

Finally, I like to finish up with my rose quartz facial roller [get yours here!]. First of all, it feels amazing. We use our facial muscles so much, they don't get massaged nearly enough! On top of the glorious sensation, you can benefit from lymphatic drainage, faded dark under eye circles, tightened pores, and improved blood circulation, skin tone, and elasticity. Hello, count me in!

Some days, I feel like doing a little something extra to treat my skin, and some days, it demands it. When those occasions occur, I have a small arsenal ready to rock. For tired, puffy eyes - which seem to appear all of the time despite my generous sleep schedule - I love these little cucumber eye pads from Forever 21. They're just right for a little lid refresh!

Miss Spa has an awesome line full of fun face masks, and my favorite happens to be a self heating detoxifying creme mask. It is so warm right when you apply it, it's like giving your face a cozy hug! I've also indulged in their peel off mask, and I swear by their blemish patches! As a sufferer of cystic acne, these have helped me keep some of my trouble spots from being even bigger blemishes.

My skin still gives me tons of trouble from hormones to a harsh work environment, but these products have helped me leaps and bounds compared to where I would be. Maybe a few of these products will make their way into your winter skin essentials!

Got it!

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